The Challenges of Mobile App Testing (From a Marketer)

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You could learn a lot about the challenges of mobile app testing by listening to mobile app marketers. Seriously. Few people understand the mobile landscape better than those acting as a middleman between developers and consumers. To demonstrate, here’s a quote from’s latest article “How To Market Your Mobile Applications.” Have a look:

Andy Whitwood, founder of mobile design consultancy Mobiomic, warned developers not to get tunnel vision when it comes to iPhone apps. “At the minute it’s iPhone apps that businesses are asking for as opposed to web apps” he said, adding “They’re not considering that once they’ve developed the iPhone app, they need an android app, then Palm and something for the Blackberry and all of those need to be supported and updated.” And the answer to this conundrum according to Whitwood? “The route they should have gone down is a web app or a mobile-friendly website that can be the same across all handsets.” It makes sense when you think about it, companies should be looking to focus on creating tailored designs that are optimised for mobile use, across all mobile platforms, rather than a single vendor lock in.

One thing is for sure, in todays marketplace any half-hearted attempt to tick the mobile box is doomed to commercial failure. Mobile users are just too savvy to bother with half measures. “The last thing you should do is take your website and squeeze it down onto a mobile phone because people don’t interact in the same way on the mobile” Whitwood insisted, concluding “Users of mobile sites are more time pressured, they’re on the move, they want to find what they want and get off again. Navigation and content needs to be stripped down for a mobile user.”

Any objections?


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