How important is Software QA Testing?

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According to the US federal agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, software errors cost U.S. economy $59.5 billion annually (NIST report).

• Users of the email services of a major Smartphone system were inconvenienced twice within a period of two weeks. The service was interrupted or unavailable several hours in December 2009, due to software bugs.

• A regulatory agency banned a large health insurance company from selling certain types of insurance policies, saying that the software bugs were posing “a serious threat to the health and safety” of beneficiaries. The company’s flawed software was resulting in denial of coverage for needed medications and mistaken overcharging or cancelling benefits.

Most of this loss can be averted if software quality assurance (QA Testing) is considered a critical element of any software project, and tackled at the start.

This allows the project managers, developers and the software testing team to communicate and understand each other’s problems and concerns. It also gives time to set up the testing environment and configuration. QA is involved in the project from the beginning. The actual testing starts after the test plans are written, reviewed and approved, based on the design documentation.

Software QA testing rigorously examines software or an application under controlled conditions. Simplistically put, QA testing intentionally makes things go wrong when they should not and makes things happen when they should not. Aside from testing software in-house, stakeholders who are concerned about reliability and quality often contract the work to offshore companies, for Independent testing , to ensure an unbiased view.

Some testing tools:

• Mercury Quick Test Professional
• AutomatedQA TestComplete
• Mercury Load Runner
• Selenium
• BugZilla
• Mantis
• Jira

Offshore QA testing services and independent testing have become common for varying reasons

Shortage of Resources or Varying Staffing Need:

Due to the global economic crisis, offshore QA testing services are a reliable, viable, scaleable option. Aside from the cost factor, the human resources may not be available in a stakeholder’s country, but could be readily available in the offshoring company. The availability of human resources in an offshoring company also makes it easy to reduce the overall testing cycle and launch efficiently and aggressively.

Multiple Platforms and Browsers

A common testing need is to ensure compatibility on existing operating systems – Windows 2000, XP, Vista – and, with all the variations of each OS – MAC, Unix, Linux, UBUNTU, and with new releases.

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