Business Driven Quality Metrics – Beyond counting defects

Business Driven Quality Metrics – Beyond counting defects
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Defining quality metrics is one of the fundamental and most important tasks for QA managers.

Business Driven Quality Metrics - Beyond counting defects

However, business goals and customer experience often get neglected while identifying QA metrics because of the silos QA teams work in. Quality assurance is not just about testing and finding bugs, it is in fact, crucial to the success of the business itself. But again, too much focus on alignment with business goals while defining QA metrics can put excess stress on the QA team and adversely affect their productivity.

If for example, the prime business goal is customer satisfaction, then finding customer defects is more important than the cost of finding those defects. While ‘customer defect metrics’ is important in this scenario, time taken to find these defects can’t be ignored. So, productivity related metrics still need to be considered.

How do we strike the right balance between defining QA metrics that are in line with business goals without overburdening the QA team?

In this webinar, Infostretch CEO Rutesh Shah will try to address the above question and provide a comprehensive approach along with tools that will help you inculcate metrics based optimization into your business process without losing sight of business needs and client focus. In this webinar, Rutesh will focus on following : – Defining business driven metrics – Going beyond SDLC – Industry focused metrics, Accounting for competition; Benchmarking success metrics – Capturing business goals like costs, product leadership, operational efficiency into QA metrics – End-user/customer focused metrics – Metrics driven actions Attend this webinar if you want to learn about how your QA team can become a significant contributor to the business baseline and goals.


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