Tenants of a Software Testing Team

Tenants of a Software Testing Team
March 21 11:00 2011 Print This Article

If you had the chance to write out the tenants (unbreakable ground rules) by which your quality assurance team lives, what would they be? Here are some I’ve been thinking of:

Tenants of a Software Testing Team

  • We partner actively in quality-first development, by participating in the entire SDLC and by contributing tools, process, and time to the development activity.
  • We do not and cannot ‘test in quality’. We test to validate requirements, discover missing or inaccurate requirements and implementation, and to expose defects.
  • We use tools and process to discover defects, validate functionality, and improve quality. Not to use tools and process.
  • Secure software is a top priority—we protect our users’ privacy as well as our applications reliability.

What about you? Do you have other tenants on your team?

Source: http://thoughtsonqa.blogspot.com

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