What I like and don’t like to see in a technical presentation

What I like and don’t like to see in a technical presentation
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What I like to see:

  • Live demo of the technology/tool/process you are describing (or at least a screencast)
  • Lessons learned — the most interesting ones are the failures
  • If you’re presenting something you created:
    • compare and contrast it with existing solutions
    • convince me you’re not suffering from the NIH syndrome
    • convince me your creation was born out of necessity, ideally from issues you needed to solve in production
  • Hard data (charts/dashboards)
  • Balance between being too shallow and going too deep when covering your topic
    • keep in mind both the HOW and the WHY of the topic
  • Going above and beyond the information I can obtain with a simple Google search for that topic
  • Pointers to any tools/resources you reference (GitHub pages preferred)

What I like and don't like to see in a technical presentation

What I don’t like to see:

  • Cute slides with images and only a couple of words (unless you provide generous slide notes in some form)
  • Humor is fine, but not if it’s all there is
  • Hand-waving / chest-pounding
  • Vaporware
  • No knowledge of existing solutions with established communities
    • you’re telling me you’re smarter than everybody else in the room but you’re not backing up that assertion
  • Simple usage examples that I can also get via Google searches
  • Abandoning the WHY for the HOW
  • Abandoning the HOW for the WHY
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