The Art of Software Testing

The Art of Software Testing
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When this book was first published in 1979, software testing was far from an exact science. Considered the “dark art” of software development, it was a little–understood process without a set of standard principles.Twenty–five years later, software testing hasn’t really changed but The Art of Software Testing has.

The Art of Software Testing

In addition to all the major software testing topics (such as higher–order testing, white and black–box testing, debugging, code inspections, and walkthroughs) this fully updated Second Edition features current information on testing software projects, including vital Internet–based e–commerce applications, as well as details on Extreme Testing, which supports the widely used Extreme Programming development methodology.

Just like the first edition, this revision fills the gaps in the professional literature and provides a practical, rather than theoretical, discussion of the purpose, nature, and principles of proper testing.

Many programming students enter the workforce without the proper understanding of software testing. This book covers all the essential topics for those students, but also provides all the detail and precision that working programmers might need during the testing phase.

Appropriate for programmers and students at any level, The Art of Software Testing, Second Edition presents all the latest new ideas and techniques–many illustrated with helpful examples.


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