What Is Quality?

What Is Quality?
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If we speak about testing aims, quality is ordinarily defined as the advantages of a product minus the troubles with it (software bugs). The customer has the final say and either endorses the software by buying it or disapproves of it by selecting a competing one.

Since that is too late in the product cycle to identify client requirements and meet them, the test company must ensure that the product meets the specifications throughout the development process. The product must behave in such a way as the client would hope and want it to behave.

The project managers or business analysts are on the one side of the development exertion working directly with the client to understand the wishes, and the tester and the test company are on the other side working towards the purpose of meeting the user’s wishes.

Well, these two groups meet in the middle by refining the company’s realizing of the client’s expectations and the ability of the product to meet these hopes.

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