Improving Profitability

Improving Profitability
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There are such purposes and advantages of software testing for your company:

Improving Profitability

Minimizing of the risk.

As a matter of fact all companies have performed usability testing for many years. It is sad but the true name for this has been ‘‘product release,’’ and the ‘‘testing’’ involved trying the product in the marketplace. Apparently, this is a risky strategy, and usability testing performed prior to release can minimize the considerable risk of releasing a product with weighty usability problems.

Getting a competitive edge.

Usability has become one of the chief ways to detach one’s product from a competitor’s product in the customer’s understanding. One need only scan the latest advertising to see products described using phrases such as ‘‘simple’’ and ‘‘easy’’ among others.

Minimizing the price of service and support calls.

Well performed product will require fewer service calls and less support from the company.

Producing a historical record of usability benchmarks for future releases.

By keeping track of test results, an organization can ensure that future products either improve on or at least carry on current usability standards.

Extending sales and the probability of repeat sales.

Well performed products make clients happy. And these happy clients communicate with other potential customers. They also conduce to stick with future releases of the product, rather than purchase a competitor’s product.

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