Automated Testing of Mobile Applications. Squish

July 19 10:00 2011 Print This Article

Squish is a solution for testing Windows, Mac, Qt and iOs applications.

System integrates into HP Quality Center, Seapine TCM or provides Eclipse based IDE. You can test the application on the emulator or device, record of tests is accessible (record & play). Scripts can be in Javascript, Python, Perl or Tcl.

The system has two minus: to work on the device (even for running tests) you have to compile a separate version with their library, the second negative – this is Eclipse, if you do not ravage on HPQC, unlikely software testers will be able work fully with the eclipse-based IDE.

In general I see no fundamental differences from the free FoneMonkey. Unless Squish supports multitouch (support for automatic gestures).

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