Undesirable Bug Reporting

Undesirable Bug Reporting
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What makes bad bug report? Deficit of data is the first item. One error in a product database read When you resize the browser it looks like it got hit by the ugly bus. The real trouble was that sizes of graphics were incorrectly changed, but you can’t say for sure that there was a problem with the record from the database.

The QA Tester certainly tried to be funny. The QA Tester might have understood that the development engineer who designed the graphics for the prototype in a rush did not appreciate the criticism. Be cautious when joking in text. Different people have different understandings when they hear that Loading up the new forms pooched my server.

Undesirable Bug Reporting

It is difficult to understand from the text when people are joking and when not, and what voice intonation they use when they write a particular message. Database errors are visible to all workers of the company and sometimes even to customers. Other members of company and customers may misunderstand your humor with your colleague. That’s why minimize your jokes when working with bugs.

One skilled Software Tester possessed the individual forms that would take place across the product. Although this field had the title of FORMS, the Software Tester would register bugs addressing to it as FORMZ. Although it seems very cool to integrate the whole area under one name, but 3 months from this time it would not be able to find something if everyone decided to spell about this field in its own way. Don’t blackguard in your professional language, do not make rude comments and relate to jokes carefully.

Some software bugs can be not found or is not fully understood due to various factors that the QA Tester should control. If the work is not completely described, it is very hard to concentrate on the error because the poor record becomes the focus. If  bug report is too complicated or confusing, people might get confused and misunderstand the problem. They will not investigate it with enough attention, because they will regard it as a single difficult case.

If the error message poorly defined, people making acquaintance with it will be discouraged. Don’t use run-on sentences, slang, and inappropriate terms which related to the product or the technology.

If you check a link and see one of the 404 Page Not Found errors, write in the bug report that the way of link is wrong. Bug report with phrase “I press link and see nothing” is wrong, difficult for understanding and will not be found on database searches. Entering right codes of errors into the search menu give you an opportunity to find similar entries.

If you don’t want to indicate error strings and error codes, you can spend a lot of time reviewing several thousand of bugs in order to find the bug you need.

The most important is to make sure that before storing your bug report you have described the problem in the most correct and clear way. You are giving the bug to management and the developers in order to fix it. Each client depends on the specific errors, but that may be three steps away from your repro scenario.

Other colleagues reviewing the report, in a hurry, might miss that. When the influence of errors is not fully clear then use a Notes section in your bug report or other similar notes to explain what impact has this error at your customers.

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