Principal Types of Verification

Principal Types of Verification
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The difference between validation and verification is that in validation we actually execute the application, and in verification we just review without practically running the application.

Principal Types of Verification

In general Verification has 2 principal kinds:

  • Walkthroughs
  • Inspections

A walkthrough is an informal form of verification. For example, we can make a call to our colleague and conduct an informal walkthrough just to verify if the documentation and coding are proper.

In turn, inspection is a formal and official process. For example, in your company you can have an official person who approves design documents for any project. Each project in your company needs to go through an inspection of these documents. In the case if there are some issues in it, then your project will get a non-conformance list. You cannot proceed without clearing the non-conformance list given by the inspection team.

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