Main Elements Of Costs In Software Testing Process

Main Elements Of Costs In Software Testing Process
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There are some of the most spread elements of expenses involved in the performing of software testing process:

Emolument of employees

Emolument of the employees is the main element of performing any process.

Generally during the performing a process in a company either organization can recruit full-time employees or they can share resources part-time for performing the process.

Software Testing Tools

In order to perform the process every software testing company will also need to acquire tools which again need to be budgeted for.

Main Elements Of Costs In Software Testing Process

Training Expenses

Employees of the organization may also have to expose training with purpose to perform the new process.

Consultant Expenses

If the process is new it can also involve consultants which are extra expenses as well.

Performing a software testing process is not an easy task in any company. It requires engagement from people to follow the process, even more than financial engagement.

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  • Josh Lieberman

    Good breakdown – I’m interested if you have any data or thoughts about how the costs break out on a percentage basis in the elements you mention above? Thanks!

  • Mariya Vankovych


    Do you have any ideas how to lower the costs you have described but at the same time not to undermine the quality of the product under the testing process?