Measurement of Software Bug’s Quantity

Measurement of Software Bug’s Quantity
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Firstly let’s define what are Measures and Metrics and what’s the difference between them.

Measures are numerical unit defined components (hours, km and so on).

Measurement of Software Bug’s Quantity

Measures are generally consisting of more than one measure. For example, we can have such metrics as km/hr, m/s and so on.

The quantity of errors is one of the measures used to measure software test efficacy. One of the side effects of the quantity of errors is that all software bugs are not identical. So it is necessary to estimate software bugs depending of their criticality level.

There are the issues for using the quantity of errors as the metric measurement:

The quantity of software bugs that initially had important influences the quantity of bugs discovered which in turns gives incorrect measure of the software quality.

All errors are not identical so errors should be numbered with a criticality level to get the correct measure of software quality.

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