Testing of Web-Based Applications

Testing of Web-Based Applications
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Web applications possess different features that have an influence to the choices of proper methods for web testing.

One of the basic dissimilarities is the document and data focus for the web as compared to the computing focus for the majority of traditional software. Although some computing capability has evolved in newer web applications, document and data search and retrieval still remain the dominant usage for most web users.

Testing of Web-Based Applications

Navigational facility is a main area of web-based applications. Together with the most generally used HTML documents play an important role in providing both information and navigational links. Web-based applications resemble a lot of menu-driven software.

Nevertheless, there are several essential dissimilarities:

  • Traditional menu-driven software often separates its navigation from its computing; while the two are tightly mingled for web-based applications
  • Traditional menu-driven software still focuses on some computing; while web-based applications focus on data and documents.
  • There is often a single top menu that serves as the entry point in traditional menu-driven software; while for web-based applications potentially any web page can be the starting point.
  • Web-based applications normally involve much more diverse support facilities than traditional menu-driven software. Web functionality are normally distributed across multiple layers and subsystems. It is necessary to make sure all the functionality and related elements operate properly together, to remove defect sources and to decrease software bugs probabilities.
  • Qualitative dissimilarity in the great quantity of navigational pages of web-based applications even for moderately sized web sites and the limited quantity of menus for all traditional menu-driven applications.

Testing of web applications pays the main attention to the averting of web failures or the lessening of probabilities for them.

Consequently, it is necessary to inspect the general troubles (web failures, faults, and errors) before we can choose a proper software testing methods to detect and eliminate software bugs and their reasons.

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