Integration Testing for Interface and Interplays

Integration Testing for Interface and Interplays
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Integration testing operates with the integration of various product elements to cooperate with each other. In this case the main focus is on interface and interaction troubles among these elements.

Consequently, in integration testing, every element is treated as an atomic unit or as a black-box, at the same time the interconnections among them are checked and modeled to conduct software testing of component interfaces and interplays.

Integration Testing for Interface and Interplays

Most of the integration testing uses white-box testing methods. Nevertheless, the individual units are no longer individual statements, but individual components.

Coverage is normally used as the exit criterion for this type of software testing. From integration testing onward, testing is generally conducted by dedicated professional testers or software testing companies.

In such integration cases the implementation control normally passes from one element to another.

Consequently, finite-state machine based testing is usually used to cover the various states and transitions to assure proper handling of interfaces, interplays and implementation control.

It may happen so that we select to adopt an absolutely black-box opinion for integration testing, and treat the entire set of the elements to be integrated as a black-box and to perform testing.

Such point is equal to the system testing, and the software testing methods correspond to those used in system testing as well.

Actually, the majority of software testing companies consider integration testing as part of system testing instead of a separate testing sub-stage.

Integration testing is used to indicate the part of testing that focuses on the interface and interplays among various product elements, and using system testing to indicate the area of software testing that pays the main attention to the general system operations.

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