“Usable Software” – What Is This?

“Usable Software” – What Is This?
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Mostly when we say that something is usable we mean that we face no difficulties in using it. If a product is really usable, then a user is able to perform typical actions with it and has no questions about how to do them.

A good software testing company often performs usability testing. So let us find out, what exactly we mean when we say about a certain program’s usability.

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List of Basic Criteria of Software Usability:

  • Software is useful. This means that with the help of it a user can achieve his/her goals and he/she has a desire to further use it. This is the main criteria because no matter how good the program is, if it is useless to the user he/she will not use it at all. At the same time, it is the element that is the hardest to reveal even by the best software testing of any kind (mobile testing, web site testing etc.).
  • Software is efficient. This criterion presupposes that the user achieves his goal quickly and accurately.
  • Software is effective. This is the point of to which degree the product works exactly as the user wants.
  • Software is learnable. This is the question of how quickly the user learns to operate the system.
  • Software is satisfactory. This criterion refers to user’s perception of the product. This information is usually collected through various questionnaires.

However, we shouldn’t forget that behind any “usable” product there are people who made it like that. This is done due to qualified software developers and software testing company engineers.

When the data about the product has been collected, it is time to analyze it and this is where the professionalism is shown. Only the most qualified workers are able to improve the product and fix all the problems in it, because pure numbers tell us only whether the product “works” or not, but not whether it is usable.

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