How Do You Benefit From Software Testing?

How Do You Benefit From Software Testing?
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Needless to say that the greatest benefit you get from any kind of software testing, be it mobile testing, web site testing or desktop testing, is the guarantee that your software system is indeed of high quality.

That is why we can compare different types of quality assessment activities depending on how effective this or that activity is in achieving the stated benefit. However, we should not forget that each type of quality assessment activity is specific, each focuses on different issues, solves different problems, besides each can be used complementary in this or that situation to increase the quality of software testing.

The corner stone in this situation is the fact that each quality assessment activity has its individual purpose and depending on the circumstances can be most effective for solving certain problems and most beneficial for the certain projects. Otherwise, why do we need to have so many of them?

So it is more reasonable to emphasize their effective work under certain circumstances rather than their overall effectiveness.

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So, different methods of quality assessment activities are different ways of solving certain types of problems. Good software testing company engineers can measure the effectiveness of a certain QA activity type by conducting a qualitative-quantitative analysis of its work under certain circumstances. They use the following criteria:

  • The perspective of fault handling. Which type of problem should the chosen method deal with? Is it error, fault or failure? We may answer these questions by observing the certain methods work under certain circumstances involving various types of problems. During software testing, problems with its work are detected and certain follow-up activities should be done to locate and fix the bugs that caused these problems.
  • The type of problem. The type of problem that should be handled plays an important role. Thus, if software testing company engineers face dynamic or timing problem that is usually a failure of interaction between different parts of the software products, they are more likely to detect it via software testing, rather than inspection. On the contrary, the inspection type of activity is most useful in detecting logical and static problems.
  • The level of problem and its spread. We should understand the level of problem and the way is spreads to choose the appropriate method for handling it. So, if the problem spreads in the system, systematic inspection is more suitable than software testing, because the former can continue its work after some problems are detected, unlike the testing, which often should be stopped when a problem is found.
  • Constructive information and perspectives of quality improvement. We need different methods of quality assessment to gather as many data as possible to further be able to handle all the problems and improve the quality of both, current and future product. For example, when the inspection is conducted, the follow-up actions include not only direct failure fixing, but also creating a certain problem handling algorithm to eliminate the possibility of similar problem appearance.

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