How to Define a Product/Service Usability?

How to Define a Product/Service Usability?
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Why is usability testing performed? What actually is usability? It is a quality that is inherent in many software products. Unfortunately, a lot of products also lack it. The reasons for that may different, depending on the circumstances. It may be either historical or cultural, or perhaps organizational or monetary. We will not focus our attention on this issue.

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Fortunately, a good software testing company may easily detect where design contributes to usability and where it does not by conducting various types of software testing (mobile testing, web site testing, desktop testing etc.). After the testing is over, a software testing company may also consult you which changes in the product design should be made in order to increase its usability and chances for surviving in its market segment.

You may be perplexed by not understanding how it is possible to stay whether something is usable or not. However, you will always note it when the product lacks it. For example, all of us have already tried to buy something online from various websites. When using the web sites, we have faced various questions.

Questions That Indicate That Software Is Not Usable:

  • How to find what I am looking for?
  • What is its price?
  • Is the product available in stock?
  • Can it be delivered to where I want it to be?
  • Is the delivery free?

I am sure all of us have faced similar situations.

You may say that this problem is very easy to solve – just use another web site. OK, but this is just one small example. Think of other situations when you face products and services that may be difficult to use. For example, do you know exactly all of the functions your phone is able to perform? What about you DVD recorder? Do you always choose the needed option quickly when calling to a support service and listening to voice prompts?

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