What Do Manufacturers Expect to See in a Product?

What Do Manufacturers Expect to See in a Product?
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Quality assessment is something that software testing company workers face every day. The core of mobile testing, web site testing or any other type of testing is estimating the quality of an offered product.

However, do software testers and software producers mean the same when they speak of quality?

The main priority of software manufacturers is fitting into the demands that are put on them, i.e. the software they produce should correspond to the product specification and the services they offer should comply with those stated in the service agreement.

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What is more, they are also concerned with product’s inherent qualities that may help them meet the requirements. For example, good quality design makes the unique product character and prevents components doubling.
Product and service managers have their own idea of what a quality product is. They center their attention on preliminary software developing processes, needed standards, methods, languages and tools selection etc.

Their goal is bringing user requirements into life by interpreting what they want to those, who are able to fulfill it and make it happen.

The concept of quality will also differ for other people working for software producers.

Various Concepts of Quality:

  • those, who deal with software service are interested in product application and adaptability;
  • those, who deal with software maintenance put maintainability as their main priority;
  • those, who deal with software packaging, want a product to be easily transportable;
  • those, who deal with software marketing think that the most important thing is how the customer values the product.

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