Software Testing by Human or Machine? What Should/Shouldn’t Be Automated?

Software Testing by Human or Machine? What Should/Shouldn’t Be Automated?
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A good software testing company offers a lot of different types of software testing (mobile testing, web site testing etc.), among which automated testing is gaining popularity.

Automated testing presupposes such an interaction between the software and the testing tools that involves minimum human presence. Testing tools are not the only factors that provide automation.

The greatest mistakes done in this sphere of software testing is automating the wrong processes during the software development. Unfortunately, not everything can be automated.

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Usually repetitive tasks are the ones that suite most for automation. That is why some companies prefer to do manual testing to find the most repetitive tests in order to later on automate them.

What Should One Never Automate?

  • Software that is not stable in its work. If the software is only in the process of development and will undergo changes, automated testing is quite inappropriate.
  • Rare test scripts. Don’t automate those scripts that are seldom run.
  • Reviews of codes and documents. Their automation will only cause you the appearance of more problems.

So, let us sum it up: you should better automate those tasks that are frequent in usage.

Tasks That Can Be Automated:

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