Making Usability Issues a Vital Part of Your Product’s Life Cycle

Making Usability Issues a Vital Part of Your Product’s Life Cycle
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If you want your developed software to be considered a top-quality, there is one thing you should always think of in the process of its development. This issue is usability. After every finished software, a usual procedure should be consulting a good software testing company and ordering usability testing.

You should treat usability as any other usual activity connected to you product. This is just a means of getting what you want, a step ahead towards high-quality standards.

Needless to say that you shouldn’t think of a second life cycle devoted only to usability activities. This only means that you don’t treat it as a part of a system, which is a wrong thing to consider.

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Which Activities Should Be Included into Usual Product Life Cycle?

  • Creating usability objectives;
  • Making characteristics of potential end-users;
  • Analyzing the tasks;
  • Establishing software testing checkpoints.

If these activities are already an essential part of your company’s work, then you can consider yourself to be professionals.

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