How to Teach Usability to Your Employees?

How to Teach Usability to Your Employees?
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This is a very multisided question. It can be answered in several ways.

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How Can You Educate Others and Yourself in Questions of Usability?

  • Usability testing data can be used as visual example for further projects.
  • It could also be of great help in recommendation making. A good software testing company should have a number of successfully finished projects examples to show to a potential client. Be sure to ask all your clients to write recommendations and feedback about your company’s work.
  • Participate in various seminars on topics concerning usability and user-centered design. Gather certificates of participation. Later on you will be able to hold seminars in your company, which also will be useful for your business. Group seminars according to the audience – while some of them need only basics of usability testing, others might be interested in more ground research. You may ask well-known professionals participate in your seminars or lecture your employees.
  • Your software testing company may gather its own library, consisting of books and articles on usability issues topics. Every employee should have an access to it. Project-related materials and bug reports should also be included into this library.
  • Buy a bulletin board and start pinning articles and reviews about products that are highly usable and may serve a good example. May everyone have a chance to bring new information.
  • Your company’s newsletters and web site should contain articles related to usability testing and its benefits. Post reports about the results of your software testing. Define aims and key challenges that you have faced during the testing. List the benefits and positive changes in the product.
  • Unite with similar companies for publishing newsletters concerning usability and its positive influence on software products.

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