How to Detect Performance Problems?

How to Detect Performance Problems?
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One of the activities that a good software testing company may offer you is performance testing.

However, it may sometimes turn out to be confusing when you decide where to start from.

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7 Basic Tips for Conducting Good Performance Testing :

  1. Check the basic interactions between client and server (client request – server response – request execution);
  2. If the software spends too much time processing something, the problem is rarely in client request. It almost never creates bottlenecks. On rare occasions when it does happen, it means that a user was trying to send large amounts of data.
  3. Server response may cause time delay. The performance testing of a server side can help identify these problems;
  4. Sometimes the hardware may cause additional problems to the server performance;
  5. Sometimes the problem root may lie in response sent to the client machine. Bandwidth may limit the application’s normal performance. Then large downloadable files, graphics, HTML and script are too large and require a lot of time to process.
  6. Software testing company engineers have to do the preliminary testing first in order to identify the problem reason.
  7. Sometimes a good software tester may theoretically predict the limit of the application’s good performance.

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  • Ritesh Thakur


    Nice tips, however it would be great if you will put forward some real time example with respect to the AUT also please provide the overview with respect to the tools. How to create script for real devices?