Arranging Beta Testing with Favored Users

Arranging Beta Testing with Favored Users
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One of the types of software testing that a good software testing company may perform is beta testing, i.e. the one involving the participation of an end user.

Beta testing presupposes the release of a very early product version to be tried by favored users.

Although you can use this technique during all product life cycle, the earlier you start implementing it, the better.

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How Do You Benefit from Beta Testing?

  • You get the feedback from those people who will directly use your product, so you are sure to meet their requirements in the end;
  • You establish direct contact with your potential users;
  • You improve your product’s usability;
  • By keeping users involved with your product you keep them from using the product of your competitors.

5 Tips on How to Establish Good Communication with Your Clients:

  1. Try to find a person who will have all prototypical features of your potential target audience. Make a direct contact, gather information, motivate the user;
  2. Invite a user to participate in usability testing that you conduct;
  3. Some software testing company may even consider creating a client group of testers;
  4. Invite those users that have an experience of using your competitor’s product as well. Usually these users give a more qualified feedback as they have something to compare with;
  5. Don’t get too involved in this cooperation, remember that there are a lot of other users who may have a different point of view.

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