Basic Techniques for Mobile Application Testing. Part I

Basic Techniques for Mobile Application Testing. Part I
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If you are working in the sphere of software testing, you can face the task of performing mobile testing very often. Mobile applications of different kinds require slightly different approaches towards the process of their testing.

However, there are certain techniques that are common for various application types. Most of them are connected to the process of automated testing.

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Let us focus on some of them.

Automation on GUI Level

You may enable automation on GUI level. However, consider the following risks:

  • You will need to use very contrast colours in order to make the images easier to match for menus;
  • You will have to choose between image pattern-matching and OCR.
  • You will have to structure test resources.

Image Stitching

You will need image stitching when you decide to gather several screenshots into a composite image representing the original page.

Image stitching consists of several steps:

  1. The retrieval of an image;
  2. The alignment of an image;
  3. The subdivision and election of an image;
  4. The reconstruction of an image.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR applications are those that are able to extract text from the images.

In the process of your mobile application testing you can use OCR applications in order to extract text from GUI screenshots.

The additional benefit you can get is the possibility to compare texts, not images. However, the practice shows that the extracted text tends to contain too many mistakes, so you’d better not rely on it in your automated testing.

Data Encoding in Pixels

Text and images are encoded as data that is later interpreted by programs and devices.

The text data can be incorporated into image data. Later, the text can be reconstructed from it.

How to Make Your Image Matching Easier?

  • Try to automate screenshot capture in such a way that a screenshot is taken after each controlled input.
  • Use high-quality image-processing tools.
  • Store the screenshots for different mobile devices in different directories.

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