Manual Testing of Mobile Applications: When Should It Be Used?

Manual Testing of Mobile Applications: When Should It Be Used?
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Mobile testing is a basis of the overall software testing process. If you want to become a professional software tester, you should master this skill. We are here to help you in doing it.

The most common belief is that mobile application testing should be combined with automated testing in order to obtain better results. The statement is true in some cases; however you should not fully rely on automation. Sometimes better results are the result of automated tests being combined with manual testing.

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How to Decide on the Type of Testing?

After every finished project that involved mobile testing, analyze the results and make conclusions for the next projects. Try answering the following questions:

  • What have we learned from the software testing results?
  • How much time was spent on automated tests’ creation and running?
  • Which problems did the tests omit?

Are All Mobile Applications Suitable for Automated Testing?

Sometimes the design of a mobile application under testing may influence its testability. It may happen so that the automation will turn out to be highly impractical.

However, if the mobile application is designed in such a way that automation is possible and easy to implement, then the automation code will be simpler, faster to implement, and more likely to be accurate.

How to Improve the Application’s Testability?

  • If you want to improve browser-based applications, add ID tags to the main elements the automated tests will interact with. Make the names understandable.
  • If you want to improve client applications, consider using high-contrast colors or visual markers.
  • If you want to improve SMS applications, you should provide a scriptable library or interface in order to make tests easier to create.

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  • Cindy

    Any specific technical skills needed to perform mobile testing?

    • Anastasia Ilchenko

      To perform mobile testing you should have necessary devices and experience in this kind of testing. But it is possible to learn everything. You should just have desire and enough of time for it.