Who Can Be a Professional Software Tester?

Who Can Be a Professional Software Tester?
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Software testing becomes more and more popular in today’s world. Only people with required knowledge and skills can perform it. Of course it would not be so difficult for a person working in networking or in programing, but for domain-based tester it will be a problem to perform different kinds of testing and to use tools.

So from this statement we have a question: Who can be a software tester? Is it necessary to be a professional in programing? Or is it possible to work even without such skills? These questions are asked more and more.

It is obvious that being a programmer would make tester realize everything to the last detail.

But it is never late to learn and self-improve. Moreover, a software tester working at software testing company should know at least one foreign language so that it could be easier to communicate with developers.

But what are the main tasks of tester? What kind of work does he perform?

Usually software tester performs such tasks:

  1. Develop and execute system test cases.
  2. Provide with support in making test cases.
  3. Create required test data and maintain common test data.
  4. Execute test scripts and document test results.
  5. Inform developer on any issues that could potentially impact quality, schedule or budget.

These tasks require some technical and programing knowledge. So a tester working in software testing company should understand how it is possible to perform the most important types of software testing like unit testing, outsourcing software testing, etc. If a person wants to work and obtain gains, then it is never late to self-improve.

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  • http://www.softed.com Sharon

    I think that you have forgotten the main role of testing – providing information. All the activities you list are done to support the provision of the right information to the right people. To do that a tester needs to analyse and design the right testing activities to meet the needs of the team, project and business.

    I also disagree that developers make good testers. The role of a tester is to think differently from a developer…not just execute test scripts.

    Testing is a skill, it requires practice and focus and is not something that can be done by anyone, as you say. But I also think there is a lot more to testing than you have indicated.

    • http://qatestlab.com Anastasia Ilchenko

      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your point of view.

  • Leda

    Hello, do you think you can recommend a school where one could learn Testing in United Kingdom.


    • http://qatestlab.com Anastasia Ilchenko

      We are not notified of software testing schools in United Kingdom. But we can easily recommend you a school in Ukraine.