Advantages of Automated Testing

Advantages of Automated Testing
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Automated testing takes the first places among all other kinds of software testing. Why did it happen?

One of the advantages of automation is that it is less expensive and is a guarantee of the efficiency improvement. Moreover it plays a strategic role while covering the core business and core processes.

What is the aim of automated testing? Even from its name it is easy to understand it. This kind of software testing was created with the aim to execute the software without the interaction of the human.

Great number of tools was deployed to make the process of automation even easier and efficient. In addition, its results are documented irrespectively to whether the process was successful or not.

What are the advantages of automated testing? One of the greatest advantages is that software testing of such type is used during the test phases of a software project. Also automation assures the correct work of the application after its deployment.

It is important not to forget about business projects where the quality assurance is at the first place. If incorrect or secret data will become available to the customer, it can lead to the fatal error.

But automated testing can become even more efficient if it will be used together with security testing and load testing. Only the combination of these 3 types of testing will guarantee the correct work of your application.

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