How to Elaborate Appropriate Test Procedure?

How to Elaborate Appropriate Test Procedure?
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When requirements specifications are ready and approved and at least general information about software structure is available software testing company can proceed to test procedure elaborating.

In case the project is large, complicated and has a lot of requirements it may be difficult to decide from what part of the project it is better to start test procedure elaborating.

First of all testing team should consider the type of mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing performed.

Different kinds of tests are used for security testing, usability testing, functional testing, nonfunctional testing, load testing and other types of testing.

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Before developing test procedure software testing company must look through the project test plan. It helps to comprehend approaches, scope and objectives of the testing process. Test plan usually contains the information needed for test procedure development.

Test Plan Usually Contains the Information About:

  • available test environment and tools;
  • testing timetable and deadlines;
  • project and testing process budgets;
  • approved testing standards and methodology.

In case there is no test plan yet, this data should be acquired from other information channels and taken into consideration when developing test procedure and test plan.

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