What Is An Effective Approach to Test-Procedure Elaboration?

What Is An Effective Approach to Test-Procedure Elaboration?
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Sometimes testers create test-procedures as static documents that are supposed to be used once during mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing and then become out of date.

Software development is a cyclic and gradual process. Application builds are constructed according to the build timetable. Test-procedure creators cannot get on elaborating new versions of test procedures. Application requirements, functionality and structure change many times during the development process.

Often in such cases testers proceed their work without paying attention to the test-procedures. They rely on their skills, experience and luck deciding what system elements and transactions to check. It turns out that time and efforts spent on test procedure elaboration become wasted.

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That is why test procedure must be elaborated in a cyclic and gradual manner, in accordance with the development process. It is impossible to create a complete and thorough test procedure at the early phases of the development process when some scenarios and architecture details may not be well thought-out yet.

When the first application build is ready software testing company should elaborate test-procedure for it relying on the requirements of that build. In order not to start test-procedure elaboration from the very beginning with every new build it must be created in accordance with modular and flexible principles.

Such approach to test-procedure elaboration makes any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing more effective and profitable.

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