How To Elaborate Efficient Unit-Test Harness?

How To Elaborate Efficient Unit-Test Harness?
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It is known that proper unit testing plays a significant role in every software development and testing process.

To perform effective unit testing the developer should elaborate special unit-test harness simultaneously with the project component and adjust the unit-testing harness to all the modifications of the component.

This will simplify any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

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There Are Some Peculiarities of Unit-Test Programs:

1. Maintainability

It must be easy to maintain and modify the programs. Unit-test tools should always be useful and up to date.

If the unit-test harness is not updated in time it may cause the delay in producing the next build, in case the tool is a component of the application build.

For instance, the new version of the application component does not perform a certain function that the previous version performed. But the test-tool for this component is not modified. That is why it treats the absence of the function as a software bug and stops building other parts of the project.

To mend the situation the developers must update the test-program as soon as possible.

2. Relevant Programming Language

Unit-test harness must be performed in a relevant language. For instance, if the project component is coded in C++, the unit-test tool should be also performed in C++. Nowadays unit-testing programs are mostly written in JScript, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, VBScript.

A software testing company considers that well executed unit testing is a good background for every project.

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