What Is An Automated Testing Tool And What Is Its Nature?

What Is An Automated Testing Tool And What Is Its Nature?
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Currently one can hardly imagine modern life without applications. That is why there are many kinds of software. Some applications are large complex systems. To develop and test such a system a lot of man-hours are required.

That is why automation is often applied during mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Automated testing tools may be very helpful if chosen and applied correctly. Otherwise automation will result in additional expenditures, loss of time and efforts.

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So, if a software testing company chooses to buy or develop testing harness it should remember that a test tool is an application.

It Means That:

  • Test tools must be carefully planned, developed and tested.
  • Test tools can be applied only to somewhat stable system or part of a system. It is infeasible to perform automated testing of software that is being transformed.
  • It is infeasible to automate some kinds of testing activities. Testing programs may help during web site testing desktop testing or mobile application testing but they are not able to do all the work instead of testers.
  • To achieve best results it is a good idea to organize training and teach testers how to utilize acquired or elaborated tools. Test effort may be useless if the tool is applied incorrectly.

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  • Sandra Wright


    Great article

    May I add that automated testing should be complemented by manual testing for a holistic testing experience.

    Seetest is a great example of a tool that allows you to do so (http://experitest.com/)