What Is the Foremost Issue for Successful Compatibility Testing?

What Is the Foremost Issue for Successful Compatibility Testing?
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It is well-known that compatibility plays an important role in user acceptance of the application. For this reason any software testing company gives due consideration to compatibility testing.

It must be held not only during the development process or mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing but during the entire software life cycle, as new software versions and software products appear all the time.

Successful compatibility testing basis on properly selected environment configurations of the end-users. There are always many variants of the configurations and they change in course of time.

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It is vital to know exactly the users environment configurations as even slightest distinctions of programs or their versions will lead to improper results of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

That is why creating and maintaining of the list of the end-user environment configurations is quite a difficult task.

There Are 2 Common Ways of Getting the Information About End-Users’ Operation Environments:

  1. By means of the software help service and of tech support service after the application has been released.
  2. By means of the users’ feedbacks when dispensing a large number of the application beta-version.

This way one can gather the most relevant information about user operation environments and design appropriate test-cases basing on it.

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