Why Define Conditions of Software Testing Starting and Ending?

Why Define Conditions of Software Testing Starting and Ending?
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A software testing company must clearly specify conditions of starting software test execution cycle and conditions of its ending.

Testers may begin checking an application build only when the conditions of starting tests execution are achieved.

To Conditions of Starting Tests Execution Often Belong:

  • successful compilation of the tested application builds;
  • smoke testing of the tested system shows that the system operates as it should in generally;
  • there are release notes for the build with detailed description of the new and altered features;
  • accomplished unit testing and integration testing;
  • the found errors are fixed and regression testing may be performed.

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As it is impossible to test an application wholly, one must also determine the conditions under which mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing should be completed. The conditions must be distinct and clearly indicate when the testing efforts should stop.

Conditions of Ending Testing Efforts Usually Are Considered Achieved When:

  • it is verified that the tested application meets all its requirements;
  • all the high priority software bugs have been found and corrected;
  • only few minor errors are left in the application and they do not interfere with the application main functions.

Clear defining of conditions for starting and finishing testing efforts streamline any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing and increase its efficiency.

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