3 Issues That are Important for Mobile Applications

3 Issues That are Important for Mobile Applications
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Mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing are performed in order to find defects in software products and correct them before end users come in contact with them. All these testing types have much in common, but there are distinctive features for each type.

To the Attributes That are Particularly Topical for Mobile Software Products Belong:

1. Operation Speed

It takes more time to interwork with a mobile software product than with a desktop application. It is hard to type with the help of touch screen especially when you are in motion. If the software operates slowly and it takes plenty of time to do anything besides this inevitable inconvenience, few users will agree to utilize such software product.

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2. Explicit and Neat Language

Screens of mobile devises are smaller than on other computers. Due to it there is little space for mobile application items on a screen. That is why performing mobile application testing one should check if the application language is laconic and unequivocal.

There is not enough space for long explanations, users must be able quickly grasp how to perform needed operations. Testers should check what happens if a user takes something in the wrong way. It is also important to make sure that the application content is clear in all the languages.

3. Undo Function

Mobile devices are often used on the move, in various situations. Frequently users accidentally tap wrong buttons and call operations they do not intend to use at the moment. That is why undo function is very important for mobile software products.

A software testing company usually wants its testers to pay attention to these issues executing mobile application testing.

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