How Can Speakers and Microphones be Utilized by an Application?

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Nowadays each personal computer and mobile device is fit out with microphone and speakers allowing it to perceive and reproduce sounds.

Microphone and speakers of a device can be utilized not only for communication but for inputting information and controlling a software product as well. Many modern computers including smartphones and tablets are equipped with built-in voice control.

With the help of built-in voice control a user can start, close a program or request performing of a function telling certain keywords. It is wise to check this feature of a software product performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

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Some complex devices can perceive and interpret blowing into a speaker or a microphone as inputs. So, even breathing of a user can be sensed and taken as an input.

But a software testing company claims that such utilization of speakers and microphone has not obtained a wide use yet. So, one has to check function of perceiving and interpreting of user breathing only occasionally during mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Prevailing Problems Related to Using of Speakers and Microphones as Input Instruments:

  1. The voice commands are often unclear and are interpreted incorrectly because of ambient sounds.
  2. The software product may work slowly receiving and reproducing sounds.
  3. A user may overload a device or perform an accidental input holding the device close to his face and using breathing for interaction with a software product.

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