What Influences over Wireless Data Transmitting?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | December 12, 2013 10:00 am

At present wireless technology is widely utilized for transmitting information, cellular networks and access to the World Wide Web. It seems strange, but Heinrich Herz, the discoverer of the wireless waves, thought that they will not have practical application.

Nowadays we cannot imagine our lives without them. Hardly any mobile application testing can be performed without using wireless connection.

Wireless waves are widely used on mobile devices for communication and access to the Internet. Wireless connection is handy and useful. It perfectly suits mobile devices. Due to wireless waves one can work in the Internet or communicate on the move, a mobile device does not have to be fixed to a certain place for it.

That makes up one of the hallmarks of mobile testing, as during desktop testing or web site testing a device usually does not move.

software testing company[1]

In order to maintain good connection everywhere there are a lot facilities. Mobile devices exchange signals with cellular towers, satellites, Internet service providers.

A software testing company emphasizes that exchanging of information by means of wireless waves is handy but it is complex and sensible process.

Quality of Data Transmitting by Means of Wireless Waves Depends on Many Things:

Wireless connection is utilized on personal computers not so often. Usually more reliable wired connection is used on them. So, web site testing and desktop testing may be held without considering wireless waves.

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