Is There Something in Common Between an Investigator and a Software Tester?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | March 25, 2014 10:00 am

Software testers and developers know that unreproducible or intermittent errors are adverse for a software product. But, unfortunately, they occur in course of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

Sometimes they are left without correcting, as testers fail to find out how to repeat them and what aspects cause their appearance. Such attitude results in poor quality of the application under test. The end users face the ignored software bugs and may start using other similar product.

Most of all unrepeatable errors happen during mobile application testing due to complexity of mobile software products and peculiarities of modern smartphones and tablets.

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The less software bugs turn out to be unreproducible for a tester, the more skilled, creative and observant he or she is. But it is impossible to be born with necessary experience and skills.

A software testing company usually wants its testers to utilize some techniques and approaches helping to achieve better results in course of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing and gain the required skills and knowledge.

One of efficient approaches assumes applying methods of an investigator to the tested software product. Most of people enjoy detective stories and admire clever investigators, their methods of work, ability to notice the slightest details and draw conclusions basing on them.

The same methods of work can be applied to software testing.

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