What Should be Considered While Choosing a Tool for Mobile Automated Testing?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | December 8, 2014 10:00 am

Automation is more and more applied in course of software testing. It considerably diminishes time and efforts required for a project and thus increases the project profitability. One should properly select the test cases and tools for automated testing in order to achieve these advantages.

Most of the automated testing instruments are oriented on desktop applications. Mobile software products appeared relatively recently, and the range of tools for their testing is not as rich as for desktop ones. That is why experts in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing recommend choosing carefully instruments for automation test cases for a mobile application.

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Selecting a Tool for Mobile Automated Testing One Should Pay Attention to Such its Characteristics:

The instrument should suit mobile technology and allow to execute fast and quality functional testing, regression testing load testing or other tests.

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