Compatibility Testing

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How to Perform Compatibility Testing of a Mobile Software Product? 0

Performing mobile application testing as well as desktop testing and web site testing it is necessary to see how the tested system operates on various devices, platforms, with different software.

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How to Reduce Costs Performing Compatibility Testing? 0

In order to perform compatibility testing thoroughly a software testing company must use end-user configurations of hardware and software. The tests must be run on each end-user software and hardware

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What Is the Foremost Issue for Successful Compatibility Testing? 0

It is well-known that compatibility plays an important role in user acceptance of the application. For this reason any software testing company gives due consideration to compatibility testing. It must

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Distinctive Features of Game Testing Process 0

In modern world the game industry has carved out its own niche in the global economy. At an early stage the game development cost wasn’t very high, but today we

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Identifying of the Platforms to Test on 0

Nowadays many software testing companies organize their web site testing activities using a listing of platforms and browsers specifying some amount of time for finding and fixing bugs. Such system

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Traditional and Modern Way of Software Testing. What Is the Difference? 0

Many organizations still use such testing methodology (it is also called traditional) where software testing is usually conducted after the build and execution stages. Traditional (old) way of software testing:

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