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Do You Know Where Your Software Bugs Are? 0

If you work on one of those QA or Dev teams that have weekends off (rare, I know) bug-tracking can be exceedingly difficult. With two days away from the office,

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18 Tips to Handle Any Job Interview Successfully 0

This is a guest article by Megha S. – A Career Counselor. Interviews have always been a nerve racking experience. A situation where you are judged on your performance for

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Has the Software Tester Right to Make Mistakes? 0

There are dozens of responsible professions. We all agree that our lives depend on the doctor who makes the operation, on the pilot of aircraft, which carries on board about

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Who is a Good Tester? 0

There is a program that calculates the square root of the number. What will do a very bad tester? – He does not even start the program. He says that

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Pareto Principle in Software Testing 0

80/20 principle states that a small part of invested funds or efforts is responsible for a large portion of the derived products or earned rewards. For example, to receive 80%

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Picture Quiz: Should You Become A Software Tester? 0

We write frequently on the subject of what it takes to become a top tester – in both the uTest community and the industry as a whole. We ask the

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