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The Joy of Failure 0

One of the important testing questions that I don’t see asked often enough are performance related design questions. 1. How long do we keep trying for? 2. What do we

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Dangerous Test Concepts Exposed 0

There exist test ‘concepts’ which, while seemingly simple, have a tendency to melt my brain. Black Box/White Box Testing Functional/Non-Functional Testing Positive/Negative Testing Years spent studying hypnosis and revelling in

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Education Construction with IT experience 0

I was just driving to the office when I heard some news on the radio: “The rebuilding of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam will cost a minimum of 4,5 million

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What is Fuzz Testing? 0

Fuzzing is a method of testing programs by randomly altering or corrupting input data. Although the technique has been around for (at least) 20 years, it has become more prevalent

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Test Strategy and Things You Hadn’t Considered 0

Test strategy typically deals with what you plan to do. If you think of test problem space as a physical space, as surface area, then a test strategy helps define

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Best practices for managing remote employees 0

I manage some people who work from home full-time in a remote location. What are some best practices I should keep in mind for managing people with whom I have

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