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Will smartwatches repeat the fate of ebooks? 0

Apple Watch S3, Garmin Fenix 5S, Samsung Gear S3 and many others smartwatches are available at the market. They are rather popular now. But are they really handy devices? Do

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Forget about plastic surgery! Facial recognition is coming 0

Do you still enter a password to unlock your smartphone or input a PIN to confirm a transaction? Oh, these authentification ways are in the past. Maybe you use fingerprint

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Bitcoin, blockchain, mining? What is going on? 0

Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not correspond to any fiat one. Besides, it does not have any physical correspondence like paper bills and coins as we all get

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Software Testing Battle: Software Houses vs Independent Providers 0

The success of both a product and a company can be ruined by poor services, improper system functionality, low security and unsatisfied users’ needs. A common thing for all the

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How to Become VR developer? 0

VR (Virtual Reality) products are everywhere. They are changing the face of different industries and make our lives more interesting. Creating visual elements, 2D developers are limited by the size

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Why we talk to machines or when chatbots came? 0

Does Siri understand you all the time? Do you face any difficulties during communication? Is it always convenient for you to talk and listen to your personal assistant? Or is

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