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Testability: Easy and High-quality 0

Should every application be tested? Yes, it should, but with different intensity. In fact every application can be tested; the most important is to find high-professional software testing company who

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4 Steps to Get High-quality Software Product 0

Software development life-cycle (SDLC) is a process that includes creation of new and making changes in old software systems. This process consists of models and methods that are used during

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“Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”: The volume of IT outsourcing services provided in Ukraine has grown by a factor ten 0

Over the last eight years, the volume of software development and IT outsourcing services the Ukraine has provided has grown by a factor ten, according to the “Exploring Ukraine. IT

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Why Do We Need Software Bug Diagnosis Testing? 0

In the case if defects are reported by clients during normal operations or during beta testing, diagnosis testing is usually used to help with the problem diagnosis by recreating the

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Black-Box Testing & White-Box Testing. What Is The Same and What Is Different? 0

The main differences between black-box testing (BBT) and white-box testing (WBT) are in such aspects: Objects The tested objects may overlap sometimes. WBT is commonly used to test not very

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Planning Of Quality Assurance Activities 0

Pre-QA quality planning comprises setting quality purposes and quality assurance strategy. There are common phases: 1. Setting quality purposes by matching client’s quality anticipations with what can be economically reached

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