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Is There Something in Common Between an Investigator and a Software Tester? 0

Software testers and developers know that unreproducible or intermittent errors are adverse for a software product. But, unfortunately, they occur in course of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile

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What Influences over Wireless Data Transmitting? 0

At present wireless technology is widely utilized for transmitting information, cellular networks and access to the World Wide Web. It seems strange, but Heinrich Herz, the discoverer of the wireless

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What Are Peculiarities of Using Radio Waves? 0

For those who perform mobile testing it may be interesting to know that people began to utilize wireless technology long before mobile phones, smartphones and tablets appeared. Radio waves are

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What is the Best Test Case Design Method in Software Testing? 0

Test Case Design Methods There are a lot of test case design methods used by a software testing company. Among the most famous are Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value

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Rules for Effective Software Development and Testing 0

To become successful any software testing company should find a balance between cost and revenues. Budgets and revenues apply not only to the period of the development and testing, but

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3 Tips on How to Achieve Success in Software Testing 0

Would you wonder if you hear that it is necessary to fall in love with software testing to achieve high results? It should be really so. It is told that

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