Mobile Application Testing

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Why do Exist Plenty of Conditions for Mobile Testing? 0

It appears that mobile testing requires more imagination and creativity than desktop testing or web site testing on personal computers. Mobile programs function under various conditions in different environments what

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For What Purposes Can Emulators Be Used During Mobile Application Testing? 0

Before starting any software testing process it is necessary to prepare the equipment. Some works in mobile testing can be done on emulators installed on personal computers. Various automated testing

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How do Environment Conditions Impact Functioning of Mobile Software? 0

Mobile software products are very susceptible to different outer influences. That is why mobile application testing should include checking of the system behavior under various environment conditions, unlike desktop testing

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Why is Proper Functioning of Location Services Important? 0

Since the users take tablets and smartphones with them everywhere and mobile devices are used in various places, necessity of determining position of the device and user arouses. Information about

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Why Do Mobile Applications Need Reliable Passwords More Than Desktop Ones? 0

Everybody who deals with applications knows that one of commonly used ways of data protection is a password. It is applied in all the software products requiring authorization. Every new

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Why Should One Report About Each Delay Found During Interaction with Mobile Software? 0

Thorough load testing of a modern software product is significant and vast task. It should be given due consideration in course of every mobile application testing, desktop testing and web

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