Mobile Application Testing

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Mobile Phone Testing and Why it is Necessary 2

It’s fair to say that smart phones have completely changed the way people communicate and live their daily lives. With jail-breaking came a whole new vision of what unlocked mobile

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Mobile Application Testing – Is it That Important? 1

Apple had probably set the ball rolling, and we have not looked back since. From the iPhone to the BlackBerry, mobile phones have come a long way from the cumbersome

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Mobile App Testing – Ensure the Quality of Your Mobile Application 1

So you have developed a mobile application and you think its ready for release. You will have probably tested it on an emulator of some kind and possibly a browser

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Mobile Usability Testing 1

Usability testing for mobile devices, apps and websites can render a wide variety of critical insights. Actual testing with users is the only way that you can learn who they

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Testing The Motorola Xoom 0

They call it the first true Android tablet, running the first true Android tablet OS. “They”, in this case, would be the tech writers over at, who’ve just published

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Automated Testing of Mobile Applications 2

The market of mobile applications is growing every day and even going to become more demanding as technologies are rapidly developing. Mobile device environment becomes more and more sophisticated with

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