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Conducting Studies of Non-Core Test 0

The quality of work and cost of its implementation largely depend on how early testers were included in the software development process. It is also important to ensure close interaction

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Why Do We Choose The Independent Testing? 0

Mature in terms of industrial organization usually resort to such type of outsourcing. These companies have their own already established system to ensure product quality and have its own testing

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How to Сhoose Between Outsourcing of Testing and Internal Testing Department 0

Objective: To choose a model to test the new custom-built project. Introduction: a big project, it is hard to test it by forces of developers. Customer is intelligent and willing

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Types of Independent Testing 0

At the present time there are five main scenarios of outsourcing of testing: Complete outsourcing of the whole volume of work on testing and quality assurance software. Carrying out the

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Software Testing and Outsourcing 0

To create quality software product it may require the use of properly balanced efforts of several project teams or even companies. You can often get the best results by outsourcing

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Ukraine Shows Strong Growth in Service Outsourcing of IT 0

According to the publication informationweek.com Ukraine has shown tremendous growth – 47% compared with last year. Of course 246 million dollars a year cannot be compare with the multi-billion dollar

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