Performance Testing

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Why Should We Do Requirements-Based Testing? 0

Requirements-Based Testing process is a strong procedure used by a software testing company that amends quality of requirements and diminishes quantity of test cases needed to cover all these requirements.

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Distinctive Features of Game Testing Process 0

In modern world the game industry has carved out its own niche in the global economy. At an early stage the game development cost wasn’t very high, but today we

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How to Improve the Performance of Your Software? 1

The aim of any type of software testing is identification and elimination of faults. Although most of the bugs will be unique for every new project, there are those that

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How to Detect Performance Problems? 1

One of the activities that a good software testing company may offer you is performance testing. However, it may sometimes turn out to be confusing when you decide where to

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The Main Emphasis of Software Testing Activities 0

The correctness perspective of quality can be described by different reliability measures or bug-related items. Consequently, all the testing related topics had this fundamental perspective, that is, to reach high-reliability

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Acceptance Testing and Software Product Release 3

Acceptance testing is often conducted as the finish sub-stage of software testing to define whether the product should be released. For successful release you also should clarify: What are the

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