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Definitions and Meaning: Error, Fault, Failure and Defect 2

Many people associate quality of a software system with a suggestion that some software troubles are estimated to happen (or not). And in the case if such troubles do occur,

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Software Test Efficacy. Meaning and Calculation 0

Test efficacy is the characteristic of the bug-finding capacity of the tests. To make a long story short, test efficacy estimates how good and productive the software tests were. So

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Software Testing As an Investment in Quality 0

Nowadays Software Testing can be thought-out as an investment. A software company chooses to precede spending money on new projects or extra features to fund the testing team. Negotiating a

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Main Elements Of Costs In Software Testing Process 2

There are some of the most spread elements of expenses involved in the performing of software testing process: Emolument of employees Emolument of the employees is the main element of

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What Is Quality? 1

If we speak about testing aims, quality is ordinarily defined as the advantages of a product minus the troubles with it (software bugs). The customer has the final say and

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Independent QA Auditor Considerations 0

Now we are going to talk about the part and obligations of the Independent QA Audit expert. Part of an Independent QA Auditor Independent QA Auditors review the external organization’s

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