Security Testing

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What Should Be Focused During E-Commerce Security Testing? 0

More and more people are involved in online activities. A lot of services became available online such as banking operations, booking tickets, online purchases, etc. Specialists in mobile application testing,

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What is Specificity of Security Testing of a Banking Application? 0

Banking software products become more and more popular as they allow the users to perform necessary financial operations in the comfort of their homes and anywhere, where there is the

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How to Test Logging in Procedure? 0

Though security is paid significant attention during every mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing, attackers, unfortunately, are skilled and creative. They can do lots of various tricks in

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7 Aspects of Security Testing 0

Security testing is important and compound process including various activities. This aspect plays a significant role in all the software products at present, from banking and top security government programs

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Security Testing Using Vulnerability Scanners 0

Security testing of web applications is not as easy process as it seems to be. It can appear very exhaustive if it is performed manually. That is why this kind

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How to Involve Non-functional Testing in Your Project? 2

Software quality can be enhanced by different approaches that differ from functional testing, such as technical performance analysis, security testing, usability testing. What is Non-functional Testing? Non-functional testing is an

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