Security Testing

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How network security and application security are related 0

I am new to network security and was wondering how the SQL language relates to network security, if at all. I figure you have to have a code in which

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When and how to perform penetration testing 0

Can you explain what “penetration testing” is and when it should be performed? Penetration testing is the art of probing an application in a holistic manner, seeking vulnerabilities which would

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Security requirements for any Web application 0

What are typical security requirements? Are there some standard ones that can be used for any Web application? I believe what you are looking for is a checklist of security

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Security Testing: Who, What, Why and How? 0

Who really needs to have their network security tested? If a computer is used “online” and is used to store sensitive data, it should be tested for security. While it

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Completeness of XSS Attack Testing 0

Most of the testers that are not specialized in security testing use a standard procedure: 1. Enter into all fields of tested form the following: [box type=”info”]<script>alert(‘xss!’) </script>[/box] 2. Post

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