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Arranging Beta Testing with Favored Users 0

One of the types of software testing that a good software testing company may perform is beta testing, i.e. the one involving the participation of an end user. Beta testing

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Making Usability Issues a Vital Part of Your Product’s Life Cycle 0

If you want your developed software to be considered a top-quality, there is one thing you should always think of in the process of its development. This issue is usability.

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Software Testing by Human or Machine? What Should/Shouldn’t Be Automated? 0

A good software testing company offers a lot of different types of software testing (mobile testing, web site testing etc.), among which automated testing is gaining popularity. Automated testing presupposes

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Where Should Software Testing Be Conducted? 0

Nowadays the implementation of usability testing has expanded greatly. Now even end users may take part in it. Besides, previously the testing centered mostly on office software. However, practice showed

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3 Alternative Ways of Measuring Software Quality. Part II 0

If you are looking for some alternative ways of measuring the quality of software development or perhaps even the quality of software testing of a certain kind (mobile testing, web

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The Interaction Between People in Software project 1

Nowadays there are a lot of roles in a software project. And somebody unavoidably must implement these tasks. In small companies (for example, one-person development organization) all of these positions

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